The Jury panel for this contest is comprised of three international wedding photographers outside of North America (Canada, USA & Mexico).  Each juror has consistently received accolades for their craft from the international wedding community.  Their experience, dedication to the wedding community and urge to continuously raise the bar across the industry qualifies them to evaluate submissions reliably and without bias. Masters Awards will be awarded to photos that our judges find exceptional. The elements used to assess each submission will include but not be limited to: impact, emotion, atmosphere, creativity, use of light, composition and post-processing techniques. This contest aims to represent all styles of wedding photography.Therefore the jury will change after every round of awards.



All entries are assessed anonymously, which means that the photographer’s name is not visible, and the jurors are not together to discuss photos.
When 2 or 3 jurors vote for a particular photo, this photo is presented with an award.
A juror cannot see which photo has received a vote from another juror.
A juror can vote for up to 15% of the entries.
There is no minimum with respect to the number of votes per juror so only the best images will be awarded. 



Arjan van der Plaat


If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would say that I am always very determined to reach my goals. Determination is key, I think, because it ensures quality and a uniqueness which can never be achieved on a ‘first try’. I believe that I have a good eye for emotions in my photography and I work with a high focus throughout the day. During a couple’s wedding day I try to emphasise as much as possible, and using a trained sense for atmosphere I like to capture the moment, when it happens, as it happens.

5 Fearless Awards
13 Masters of Dutch wedding photography Awards, Top 10 2017 & 2018
15 ISPWP Awards, Top 10 ISPWP 2018
Winner MyWed Award 2017 Category Moment


Chiara Ridolfi


I have always loved images ever since I was a child. Something struck me and the cinema was and still is one of my greatest passions. At the age of twenty, I realized that photography had captured my life, satisfying me deeply. Hence, I began to attend the Roman School of Photography preferring the portrait and dedicated myself to deepening printing techniques of the black and white at the Experimental Adams Center. I met Massimiliano Magliacca in 2005. It was the beginning of a long and intense cooperation in reportage and creative portrait that led me to become a partner of the Nabis Studio in 2010. I have been to America several times and I go there whenever I can to learn even more about the technique in the studio and dedicate myself to creative portrait that I really love. I am an active member of some of the most prestigious international associations of wedding photographers (ISPWP, WPJA, AGWPJA, FEARLESS, WPS, STYLE ME PRETTY).

Prizes and Awards
2014 – TOP 20 AGWPJA
2015 – TOP 35 AGWPJA
2016 – TOP 10 WPJA
2016 – TOP 25  AGWPJA
2017 – TOP Fearless Photographers
2018 – TOP 20 Fall 2018 ISPWP

Yves Schepers


I seek the balance between composition, light and emotion; in search of the perfection in the imperfection. Capturing sincere moments of authentic connection and revealing the raw, intense, funny and even fragile feelings that will color your future memories; for me that is what photography is all about.
Through my work I seek to reveal your unique personality and document the essence of your life and love unfolding naturally through compelling photographs that stand the test of time.

I currently live in Antwerp, Belgium, and travel throughout Europe and around the world for weddings, family documentary portraits, and commercial assignments.

My wedding photography is recognized around the globe and has won numerous international awards:

- #1 photographer Masters of Wedding Photography NL, Be & Lux in 2017, #3 in 2016 & #2 in 2018

- Currently #10 Fearless Photographer all time with 24 awards & 6 awards in 2018








Round 4

Leonard Walpot, Nadine van Biljon, Neil Redfern


Round 3

Damon Pijlman, Ana Paula Aguiar, Raman El Atiaoui 


Round 2

Victor Lax, Virginia Gimeno, Franck Boutonnet 


Round 1

Vinny Labella, Ed PeersIsabelle Hattink 



Other jury members for Masters competitions in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany or the UK:

Victor Lax, Erin Chrisman, Andrea Corsi, Marius Barbulescu, Samo Rovan, Erika Mann, Tyler Wirken, Fer Juaristi, Susana Barbera, Anna Kuperberg, Lanny Mann, Franck Boutonnet, William Lambelet, JVS, Rafael Vaz, and many more....