The Masters. who are we?

Since 2018, wedding photographers in the USA, Canada and Mexico have been using the Masters of Wedding Photography platform to meet and inspire each other. Learning from and with each other to continue to raise the level of professional wedding photography. We want to show brides and grooms why choosing a modern professional wedding photographer is the best investment you can make.

Together we grow

What started with less than 50 photographers entering the first round of the Masters has grown into a community of nearly 1,500 photographers. Every quarter, about 250 photographers submit their best photos for the competition. Entering the competition is a way for most photographers to keep pushing themselves and getting the most out of themselves at every wedding they shoot. Winning an award is therefore a great appreciation for the effort that has been made to achieve this level. In the online community, photos of each other are discussed, criticized and praised, with the aim of learning from them together.

At the end of the year there will be an awards ceremony where the photographers who have won the most awards in that year (over 4 rounds) will be put in the spotlight. The Top 10 wedding photographers can rightfully be called the best wedding photographers of North America. Because if you can win awards with multiple photos, sometimes as many as 10 or 15, then you really have to be able to consistently deliver top quality at every wedding you photograph. And that is exactly what distinguishes the Masters from other photo competitions. It is not an annual competition where you can win with 1 photo and take all the credit. You have to perform all year round and show that that one award is not a lucky shot. As nicely stated in this article, "Only the best photographers are on the podium".

“Only the best photographers are on the podium”

Events are organised to really turn the community into a community. Meetings where you can meet colleagues, talk about the profession, learn and make friends. In addition, the objective is to organise a larger event once a year, a Masters Seminar or conference where top photographers from North America and abroad are given a stage to inspire us. It's great to see what this does to a group of like-minded people. After such an event, you are no longer alone as a self-employed person or freelance photographer. You have met colleagues, with whom you can continue with.

Masters Seminar 

Christiaan de Groot & Erwin Beckers

The Masters was founded in 2018 by two wedding photographers, Christiaan and Erwin. They saw the need among fellow photographers for a new completely independent photo competition for wedding photographers. There were already competitions for wedding photographers at the time, but there was always a lot of comment from the industry and there was dissatisfaction with the judging and the results. That had to be better. The first steps were to bring together the most prominent wedding photographers of the time and to brainstorm together about how this new competition should position itself, what requirements entries should meet, how the judging should take place, etc. it's a competition for wedding photographers, by wedding photographers.

With his IT background, Erwin was the right person to automate the systems and manage the website for the exhibition of the awards and the award-winning photographers. Christiaan has focused on the promotion of the Masters, communication and the organisation of events. The starting point was not only to start an online competition, but a community of wedding photographers who enjoy meeting each other as colleagues and who want to grow together in their profession. The Masters of Wedding Photography was born.

Erwin Beckers

Christiaan de Groot

Award winning image - Ken Pak - USA

Focus on couples 

One of the goals of the Masters has always been to reach as many wedding couples as possible so that we can show them what professional wedding photography is all about. Many brides and grooms only expect the classic wedding portraits. And yes, that is still done and appreciated, but not by everyone anymore.

Most of the award winning photographers at the Masters shoot in documentary style. Narrative photography in which capturing special and fun moments is most important. This "journalistic" style took off at the turn of the century and is now widely used by top photographers all over the world. The workshops and seminars organised by the Masters were therefore often focused on photographing moments. Why is this so important? Because you can only really relive your wedding day if the moments and accompanying emotions are well captured. Of course, a beautiful portrait like the one above is also great to have, but it tells little about how the day went, which people were there and how the couple felt.

Many couples-to-be have no idea what stunning photos are being taken these days by photographers who are fully specialised in capturing wedding days. That is why the Masters does its utmost to reach as many couples as possible, to inspire and encourage them to contact a specialist wedding photographer from the Masters of Wedding Photography.

Award winning photo by Marlies Hartmann - USA