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The Masters is a platform for passionate and ambitious professional wedding photographers in the US, Canada and Mexico, who want to develop further, expand their network and meet couples who value high quality photography.

Award Winners

2021 - ROUND 2

Award winning photo by Orlando Suarez


About the Masters

Since 2016, the Masters of Wedding Photography has presented the most prestigious awards for professional wedding photographers in the US, Canada and Mexico every quarter. This allows us to create an up-to-date and honest listing of the best contemporary wedding photography for couples.

The Masters of Wedding Photography awards offer a solution for couples who are looking for high-quality photography for their wedding day. The wedding photographers who have won the most awards over a year are listed here, sorted by region.

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The wedding photographers who can be found through the Masters are all passionate professionals who want to get the most out of themselves to be able to hand their bridal couples a great report time and time again.

Wedding photography is a specialty. Capturing a complete wedding day with all its special and emotional moments is also seen as the top sport within photography. Not a moment should be missed, nothing can be done again.

A wedding day is not only about the bridal couple. It is a special gathering of family and friends in which love and commitment are celebrated. Photography on a wedding day will also have to reflect that. A specialised wedding photographer can do this like no other.

Every professional wedding photographer has his own style of photography. The photographers' profile pages feature extensive portfolios, with the first photos that have won awards. Compare the photographers to choose the style that suits you best. The photographer can be contacted directly via the profile page to ask if he is still available on your wedding day.

If you're looking for a list of the best wedding photographers in the UK and Ireland, then you've come to the right place. Every quarter, thousands of photos are submitted by hundreds of professional wedding photographers to be judged by an ever-changing jury of top international photographers. This creates an overview at the end of the year of photographers who have won the most awards over a whole year. Art, creativity and quality are of course difficult to assess, but the Masters seems to have found a way to draw up a fair gauge for this.

In addition to many award-winning photographers, there are also specialised wedding photographers on our website who have no or few awards to their name and do not regularly submit their photos to win awards. Winning awards is certainly not the most important thing there is and for many photographers it is not a priority to participate.

Because the Masters is more than just an awards ceremony, all wedding photographers are welcome. The masters is a community for wedding photographers in the US, Canada and Mexico, where they can develop and meet colleagues. Learning together, talking about the profession and the occasional drink for socialising are things that most independent photographers find very enjoyable and important about the Masters community. Together we work hard to deliver the highest possible quality to all bridal couples who find photography important at their wedding.

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Photo by Ken Pak

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The Masters awards are presented every quarter, so the best wedding photographers of the moment are always displayed at the top of the list.

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what they say

Why the Masters?

Cafa Liu

Participating in a wedding photography competition is a very good way to learn from others, and maybe the best way to learn from yourself. That’s the thing I keep on doing during the last more than 5 years. Among the many factors that affect the level of the game, how to choose a high-level jury is the key point, that’s also the reason why I chose The Masters, and also absolutely will continue to do it. There is no end to leaning.

Jacklyn Greenberg (JAG Studios)

Masters has always been one of the most prestigious wedding photo competitions and the fact that it is regional makes it even more important for my brand. Being able to compete with other North American photographers really helps build the community and pushes our creativity further to help make us better photographers for our clients

Jason Vinson

When you enter into competitions you are telling yourself that your work is more then simple wedding photography. It will make you strive to be better for yourself and that will turn into better work for your clients. You'll find yourself working harder to fine tune your craft.

What they say

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Photo By: Darien Chui

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