This was a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, the couple’s grandparents were not able to travel the distance and attend the wedding. A family member connected the grandparents via an iPAD so they could watch and still be part of the entire ceremony. This took place inside a large rental home due to the cold winter weather outside. The room was candlelit with a small amount of window light which created a romantic scenery. The newlyweds are very close to their grandparents and having this image meant the world to them. This image truly is one of their favourite images from their wedding day.

Tara never has any photo planned. She was just documenting the couple’s wedding story. She saw the iPAD with the grandparents during the ceremony and she took her time to try and frame it as best as possible. iPADs and iPhones are mostly present at weddings now. Instead of getting frustrated by them, Tara just tries to use them in the images. After all, no one using a device is doing it with bad intent. Everyone at a wedding is excited to be there and they all want to capture it in their own way. Keeping that mindset allows Tara to see the possibility of images like this one, which ultimately gives the couple better images, which is her intent.



Tara’s not sure she really has a style but rather a mindset. She likes to say that she creatively documents each wedding. Having no expectations allows her to be fully present so she can anticipate moments and frame them as cleanly as possible. She believes that the wedding celebration belongs not only to the couple but also to every person at that wedding. Being unobtrusive and capturing all of it helps Tara give the couple their whole wedding story. The newlyweds invited family, friends and loved ones and it’s Tara’s job to capture as many of them as possible. Even the ones who couldn’t make it to the wedding:-). Tara wants to give the couple their wedding story back with great images. The images are their images more than they are Tara’s. She is glad being able to give this image to the couple.

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