Usually I would be very distracted by lines going through heads. So I probably should have gone mad when seeing this photo, but that actually didn’t happen. I love the triangular shape that the electricity cables make. Despite the couple and vicar being ‘decapitated’ by the cables.

I love the light in this image. I think it’s a good choice though to make this one black and white. It makes this photo feel timeless. The picture has a very classic and storytelling look and feel to me. I think it would work great as an ad for the Triumph Bonneville.

The vicar/registrar really makes this image a nice and genuine moment as well. Should have been totally perfect if his shirt was completely in the frame. And I’m not sure about the white of his collar - I think that has been edited, but that wasn’t necessary to me.


Leonard Walpot
Jury member 4th round Masters of United States Wedding Photography


Photo by Matthew Sowa

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