Add SEO Links

If you are a member of the Masters and you have a profile page, we offer you 3 options to build extra SEO links to your own website. This will help your website to be easier to find in Google. In addition, by posting on our blog you will get extra promotion via our socials and extra visibility among bridal couples.

Option 1: 3 links on your profile page to your own website. Here you can add links directly to beautiful blog posts or pages on your own website. If you do this, your Masters profile page will immediately look even more beautiful and complete.

Option 2: 10-20 photos of your most beautiful wedding, with or without text. We will post these on the Masters blog with a link to your own website.

Option 3: A story with 1 photo. If you have a nice story about 1 of your (preferably) award winning photos, we will post it on the Masters blog with a link to your own website.

Every photographer with a Basic or Basic+ membership is allowed to add 1 blog post per year.

Photographers with a Master Membership are allowed to add 4 blog posts per year. (Check here which membership you have.)