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Why the Masters?

Cafa Liu

Participating in a wedding photography competition is a very good way to learn from others, and maybe the best way to learn from yourself. That’s the thing I keep on doing during the last 5 years. Among the many factors that affect the level of the game, how to choose a high-level jury is the key point, that’s also the reason why I chose The Masters, and also absolutely will continue to do it. There is no end to learning.

Jacklyn Greenberg (JAG Studios)

Masters has always been one of the most prestigious wedding photo competitions and the fact that it is regional makes it even more important for my brand. Being able to compete with other North American photographers really helps build the community and pushes our creativity further to help make us better photographers for our clients

Jason Vinson

When you enter into competitions you are telling yourself that your work is more then simple wedding photography. It will make you strive to be better for yourself and that will turn into better work for your clients. You'll find yourself working harder to fine tune your craft.

What they say

Award Winners

ROUND 25 - 2024

Ken Pak - Wedding photographer of quarter 2024 - 1