Workshops for Wedding Photographers in North America – A complete list

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Workshops for Wedding Photographers in North America – A complete list

To grow as a photographer, it’s a good idea to occasionally do a wedding photography workshop, or a workshop to become a better entrepreneur, or a combination of both. We have asked our community of wedding photographers in North America which workshops they have done and have listed them all for you. A complete overview of the best wedding photography workshops in North America!

To grow as a photographer, it’s a good idea to occasionally do a wedding photography workshop, or a workshop to become a better entrepreneur, or a combination of both. We have asked our community of wedding photographers in North America which workshops they have done and have listed them all for you. A complete overview of the best wedding photography workshops in North America!

Which Wedding Photography workshops are there in North America and which one should you choose?
It's best to start with making a list of what you want to learn. Is it mainly technical, workflow or more business related? Do you want to reach a different target group? Do you have difficulties increasing your prices or are you unable to attract the right customers? All important components to include in your final choice of which wedding photography workshop to go for.

Workshops for wedding photographers

Below we have compiled a list of photographers who offer wedding photography workshops. This list is very diverse. After all, we all have a different level and a different style. You will have to choose a workshop that suits you well.
Many photographers offer different wedding photography workshops. To choose which workshop is best for you, it is important you look for a photographer whose style of photography suits you, or from whom you want to learn more. However, it is no guarantee that a photographer who is successful himself can also give a good workshop.

What does a wedding photography workshop cost?

For a good wedding photography workshop you'll pay between 400 and 2000 euros, depending on the number of days, the location and the level. Cheaper workshops can be found, but they'll be shorter and contain less valuable information. There are also more expensive workshops given by top photographers at beautiful locations, often in exotic or dramatic locations for several days, in which all facets of photography and entrepreneurship are discussed. Take a good look at what is included in the price, such as overnight stays, food and drinks during the days of the workshop.

Grow by doing a wedding photography workshop

The level of the workshop must match your own level. If you're a starting wedding photographer, you have to find a workshop that matches your skills. In the description of the workshops you usually can find some info about the level the workshop. So scroll through the list, visit their websites, and choose a workshop that suits you.
We have also included a number of workshops that can help you to run a good business as a wedding photographer. If you want to be successful as a wedding photographer, your business skills are at least as important as your photography skills!


Canadian wedding photographers Erika and Lanny of Two Mann Studios founded Two Mann U. They will teach you everything there is to know about wedding photography for a semester. Their goal is to help photographers create better, more meaningful and more creative work.

With a membership you get more than 50 hours of videos to watch, both in the field and behind the scenes, live Q&As, Mindset, Workflows and a Private forum.

"Forget what you think you know about wedding photography, come with an open mind (and a notebook) and let 2MU in. You’ll come for the photography and stay for the life lessons!" - Ray Passy

Tyler Wirken


Tyler is an accomplished American wedding photographer and the founder of The Wirkshop Series. He offers various “wirkshops” (as he calls them) for photographers.

You can follow a workshop with video lessons about 'real moment' photography. You can also opt for the 'Art of the Moment' workshop, where you get a complete look behind the scenes of his process in 4 online lessons. Finally, there's the 'Moments Bent' workshop where you can follow Tyler Wirken's process in a series of online videos as he documents a real wedding from start to finish.

"I’ve always wanted to photograph weddings in the way that Tyler does, but I had no idea HOW. Holy smacks, this course breaks it down for you, and Tyler speaks to you so that you GET IT. This was THE BEST thing I've done for my business, but also for me.
Honestly, I can't even tell you how much you need this if you are serious about true documentary wedding photography and learning. Learn from the best." 
- Aniya

Jerry Ghionis

American photographer Jerry Ghionis is considered one of the top five wedding/portrait photographers and educators in the world.

As a photographer, educator, inventor and human being, his experience of traveling around the world and his perspective on the photography industry makes him an invaluable source of knowledge, experience and wisdom. His influence in the art of wedding and portrait photography can be seen all over the industry today.

Jerry Ghionis Photography Training offers new classes every week on all aspects of portrait and wedding photography, from lighting and posing to business marketing tips. Follow Jerry as he shoots real weddings, boudoir sessions, fashion shoots and more and take advantage of his decades of experience.

"Jerry's training has altered the way I think and shoot. The information is excellent and applies to what I do and want to do. I believe this has played a major role in changing both the technical and artistic aspects of my shooting." - John Scarpino

Daniel Aguilar

Daniel is an American wedding photographer who regularly gives 1 day workshops abroad.

He teaches you about the use of light, dealing with couples, posing naturally, compositions, lenses and how to tell a story with your photos.

Samo Rovan

'See The Big Picture Workshops' is about amplifying your voice and vision as a wedding photographer. 'See The Big Picture' is about enabling you to see the real wedding. To really capture from your heart. To enable you to create captivating images that you will never forget because they have your unique signature.

The workshops consist of a super intensive training of 1 or 2 days. You will learn a lot of information, you will actively photograph, do creative exercises and you will receive honest criticism. The workshops are organized for a group of at least 8 photographers, so there can be a dynamic and intense approach. The group workshop is intended for beginners to advanced and specially designed for wedding photographers.

I fell in love not only with his photos and his working style, I fell in love also with his way of conveying the passion in his work. Samo opened my head and showed me the way to evolve without losing my essence. I highly recommend his workshop for all those who love this profession and seek to improve. Very educational and encouraging! Infinite thanks teacher !!!!!” - Erika Fayolle

Revealing The Narrative

This workshop from Revealing the Narrative consists of 9 modules in which you will learn everything about running a wedding photography business and building a career that you are proud of.

You will learn to master the art of the moment, to tell compelling stories with your photos. In addition, the ins and outs of starting as a wedding photographer are discussed and you learn how to market your business. You'll get real, actionable steps you can take to start creating the business – and lifestyle – you always wanted.

There was something new to learn about storytelling, choosing the right client, workflow, pricing, and marketing/selling - you girls thought of EVERY detail! I liked the way the course was self-paced -- I could learn the content during the week when I had time. But at the same time, there were gentle deadlines where we checked in on our goals for the week. This was a perfect balance for me -- low stress but gentle nudges to get stuff done! Within weeks of taking the course and implementing what I learned I was able to double the amount of weddings booked - and they were all my ideal clients. Since completing RTN, I have been able to double what I charge - all while being excited about my work again.”

Kirsten Lewis

Kirsten Lewis is a well-known American documentary family photographer. As a documentary wedding photographer you can also learn a lot from her.

You can opt for the 8-week Tapas workshop that covers all different aspects of documentary photography. Kirsten shares her photos, workflow, thought process and business tricks and collaborates with other photographers to discuss their companies and portfolios.

You can also opt for the Making Moment Driven Pictures workshop. This workshop is about creating well-thought-out photos that will elicit an emotional response from the viewer, while not affecting the environment in any way. In this workshop you will learn how to take moment-driven photos and how to embrace the art of photography.

"Kirsten is fantastic and inspiring. She gives great tips, lots of inspiration and helps to understand what family photojournalism is about. I absolutely love this workshop and recommend it!" - Agnieszka Stefaniak

Jesh de Rox

Jesh is a cultural anthropologist, photographer, writer, speaker and creative entrepreneur who is fascinated by how the mind and body create feelings.

As one of the most awarded photographers of his generation, Jesh's work inspired multiple global trends. He pioneered a technique called Superfeel, which gives photographers the opportunity to connect with the people they photograph and create real emotion. Superfeel has revolutionized the industry and has been used to make millions of people happy.

His discoveries led to the development of Kindrêd, a modern form of meditation that helps participants regulate their emotions and access their creativity.

Through lectures, retreats, mentorship programs, podcasts and his books, Jesh has shared his rare expertise in human connection, creative brilliance and culture shaping with hundreds of thousands of people.

"I wanted to say thank you for how much I have grown since meeting you about 9 years ago. The ripple effect it has had on my business, my soul, my relationship with my customers, family and friends is priceless." - Jaya Mc Intyre

Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes is an all-round American photographer who gives workshops and offers video tutorials. He is an open book about his process and therefore has the opportunity to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions as a photographer.

He offers three free online workshops of 60 minutes and also paid courses on landscape, portraits and still life.

"Joel is clearly a very experienced photographer and teacher. He knows how to describe difficult challenges well and offers solutions in a clear way. He brings it in a very enthusiastic way that makes you want to try it yourself."- Michelle Peeters

Citlalli Rico

Citlalli Rico is a Mexican wedding photographer and has been teaching photographers for almost 10 years. Her approach is mainly documentary and focused on creating better narrative images and capturing meaningful and real moments. She is happy to help you improve your wedding photography with her workshops.

You can book a two-hour online session with her where she will review and assess your portfolio, website and social media. You can also go to sunny Cancun for a day, to learn live from her.

DFP Education 

DFP Education is a community dedicated to empowering documentary photographers to make an impact by providing access to good education & recourses. The Education Platform has various learning opportunities, ensuring you can learn and grow no matter which structure you choose. 

You can choose to become a member of the Learning Library where you can watch tutorials, interviews, behind-the-scenes videos and more. You can also opt for immediate access workshops.  These are given by top-notch photographers and educators and the courses are self-paced. If you want in-depth, interactive education, you can follow live-workshops or mentoring programs by photographers like Kirsten Lewis and Chuck Anerino.  

Spanish/English wedding photography workshops


Victor Lax 

Victor is a Spanish wedding photographer who offers personalized coaching and mentoring for wedding photographers.

You can opt for a 4-day workshop at his home. He will tell you all the ins and outs about his way of working, but will also take a closer look at your portfolio and deeply analyze your photos. In these 4 days he teaches you about light, both natural and artificial, composition, the right moments, special portraits, workflow and image editing. The last day he will take you to a real wedding so you can watch and learn from him.

Victor also offers a three-hour online mentoring and coaching for wedding photographers. You can choose between 3 subjects: Photo criticism, post production and vision.

"If I could use a single word to describe Victor Lax’s workshop, it will be for sure this: Inspiring! It was amazing to see how he thinks when he shoots, how he sees and uses the light, how he works with his couples, and how he tell’s the story. I think he is one of the best photographers in the world right now, and I am really happy I went to his workshop, and had the chance to learn from him! I totally recomand his workshop to every photographer outhere!" - Sabina Mladin

Wolves Workshop

The Wolves Workshop is a five-day workshop for wedding photographers that takes place annually on the beautiful island of La Graciosa, in Spain.

This project was created with the idea of having an unforgettable adventure in a great place and together with people who want to share and learn from eachother.
Learning, building relationships and gaining experience are the three main goals of The Wolves.

Workshops will be held every day, with one speaker per day. The workshops consist of a theory lesson where questions can be asked, a live shoot with a real couple and an editing session afterwards. You will learn how other photographers work, how they communicatie with their clients, how they manage their workflow, the key points in their work, etc.

Rocio Vega

Rocio Vega is an award-winning wedding photographer from Spain who loves to help other photographers make progress in their photography.

In this two day workshop, Rocio Vega will talk about the different steps she takes to create her style and teach you how to become a better photographer. She will share her creative processes step by step and show you how to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The list above can of course be expanded, so if you give workshops yourself or if you have followed a workshop by someone who is not in this list, let us know in the comments. We will take a look at it and we might add it to the list.
We are also very curious about your workshop stories. If you have attended a workshop, we would like to hear about your experiences and what it has brought you. Let us know in the comments.
We wish you a lot of succes in your search for a good wedding phtography workshop!

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